Creating Better User Experience

How making small changes made the user registration process better

Before diving into designing it was important to understand why revamping was necessary

  1. People want to achieve a goal quickly, they don’t like to spend a lot of time in a single task
  2. Privacy is a major concern, they don’t provide data unless they feel it is necessary
  3. Organizing data and grouping relevant fields
  4. Reduce the time being spent to fill up the forms

Challenges I had before starting with the design

  1. Average user age was between 22 and 50+ so keeping it simple and accessible for all was important
  2. To be able to get information/details from the user (building trust)
  3. Reduce the time being spent to fill up the forms

Reducing user distractions

  1. Don’t distract users. The colored social login buttons were getting unnecessary attention so I just retained the logo and removed the color
  2. Renamed the button label from ‘Submit’ to ‘Login’. A vague and generic button label causes uncertainty in users. They need to know the result of their actions.
  1. Error messages are an important part when filling up forms. They must be close to the field where error has occurred.
  2. The message must be simple, precise and useful
  3. Added an option to show or hide password. This is a must for any password field which enables error correction and gives a better experience.

The older version had 2 different set of forms which made the process lengthy. The newer version had a more simpler, cleaner and a well organized flow of information.

I moved labels on top of the respective input fields rather than having them on the left. This reduced the eye movement there by making it easier to grasp the information.

Having only necessary input fields reduced a lot of cognitive load and helped save time

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The 3rd and 4th step have a card which displays information entered in the previous step. This helps in quick verification of information which avoids unnecessary doubts.

Hit ‘Submit for approval’ & done. Account creation successful!

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P.S. The registration process has had a lot of improvements and this is not the final version.
I’ll be writing about the updated version soon. Stay tuned!!